Sunday, August 25, 2019


Read "Palms" at The Eldritch Dark:

Here Clark Ashton Smith (CAS) once again presents a poem in the form of an Alexandrine, featuring lines of six metric feet.  

What jumps out at me from this poem are a couple of unique phrases in the second stanza: "flamingo-colored" and "lion-colored."  In full context:

Inclining fretted leaves above some red lagoon-
Careless alike, in mystic and immense repose,
Of the flamingo-colored, flying sun that goes,
Or the slow coming of the lion-colored moon.

In using those animal references to describe the color of the sun and the moon, CAS subtly introduces a note of exoticism to go along with his palm trees, but ultimately those compound adjectives feel a bit out-of-place, and more distracting than effective.

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