Sunday, September 9, 2018

To the Morning Star

This short poem was unpublished during the lifetime of Clark Ashton Smith (CAS), so I'll begin with the text itself:

Thou art the star of hope that 'fore the dawn
Doth gild and gorgeously incarnadine
The eastern peaks [          ] doth shine
Above the faintly whitening horizon.

O star of hope and faith shine gently on
O Gleam [sic] thou bright within the orient sky
For by thy sign we know that dawn is nigh
That darkness and the night will soon be gone.

This is one of two poems with the same title that CAS wrote.  The second one was written later, so I'll get to it sometime in the future as I read more-or-less chronologically through the poetic works of CAS.

The brackets in line three represent a blank space left by the author, indicating that this poem was never finished.  

This is a fairly straightforward poem, but the imagery is very expressive, particularly in the second line ("Doth gild and gorgeously incarnadine") where CAS mixes gold and blood-red colors to accurately capture the unique tint of a rising sun.

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