Tuesday, January 2, 2024

An end, but not The End

I started this blog almost six years ago.  I have not been able to contribute to it every day, so there have been some gaps between posts, but with my last post previous to this one I reached something of a milestone: I've now read through the entire corpus of Clark Ashton Smith's published and completed poetry, as documented in The Complete Poetry and Translations of Clark Ashton Smith (in three volumes) from Hippocampus Press.

The same three volumes contain two more sub-collections of CAS' poetry: the "Fragments and Untitled Poems", and an entire volume of his translations into English of verse from other poets (such as Charles Baudelaire).  I intend to continue reading through (and blogging about) the first of those groupings.  I am not yet sure about the translations, since those are not wholely the work of CAS, but I'll tackle that when I get there!

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